For Love of the Game

I have really loved playing basketball on Tuesday nights over the past few months. Some nights, there is so much energy, and other nights, I come up with many excuses of why I’m holding back. “I’m tired”, “someone else will get the rebound”, “I hurt my thumb”, “oh look, a piece of fuzz that looks like a seahorse.” (that last one is not an excuse, but you would be amazed at the things you notice while avoiding hustling).


And then there’s Open Gym on Friday.


The guys tonight were laughing and trying to dunk left and right. A lot of tomfoolery, some ridiculousness and outrageous attempts, but also audacity. I don’t think they noticed how tired they were getting until the very end. They were too focused on how much fun they were having, and getting that perfect dunk. I think I had more energy during game 3 because their drive and spirit wore off on me. I’m physically tired and it’s past this granny’s bedtime, but I’m going to bed refreshed with hope. I’m so grateful for these guys.

A reflection by Hope House resident, Sara Haines


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