Hope Beyond the Ivy

A reflection by Hope House resident, Molly Gabaldo.

WELP. They did it. The Cubs took the cup. It’s about time!


I have enjoyed, throughout my life, the blessing and the curse of being a cradle Cubs fan. Most Cub fans understand what I mean when I say that I never really left that cradle, always returning for comfort for our inevitable string of losses, year after year after year. I have vivid memories of watching the game with my dad, TV muted (of course) so he could hear the radio announcers on the speakers that only worked in the garage: commitment. With every loss, I never recall a time where I questioned my seemingly unanimous familial decision to commit ourselves to Cub fandom. Why? Because being a Cubs fan cultivates within you a sense of undying hope in a seemingly hopeless battle against all odds (namely, a goat called Murphy).

Okay, fine. Maybe my analogy is a little dramatic, it’s just a game, right? But the reality is that waiting 108 years for your beloved team to win the World Series is having faith in something greater than baseball. It is recognizing your part within a community, a community built on hope and tradition, a community built on family and common perseverance in the quest for victory. This is the same hope we must cultivate within hearts on a quest for social justice in a society where the ‘signs of the times’ are pointing towards all odds being against us. This journey is, and will, continue on for much longer than 108 years and will not end with a beautifully executed double play. However, garnering hope brings with it great pride and greater reward.

So, Chicago. Let us now believe in our community in the same way that we believe in the Cubs. Let us pour our resources and hearts into recognizing beauty within loss. Let us rally around those within our city who hold this same hope but pour it into their survival in circumstances where all odds seem to be working against them. It is our responsibility. It is our pride. #LetsGo


One comment

  1. Carma Burfield · November 8, 2016

    Well done Cubbies!!! I watched the entire series (being a Cardinals fan, I still rally for any NL Central team)….and saw an amazing game 7 from a hotel bar in Victoria BC Canada. Around me…..Canadians…..cheering on the Cubs. Quite the night! Tears in my eyes as the final out was caught by Rizzo on first! Enjoy the spirit of teamwork…..and the sometimes shaky belief that anything can happen!!! Carma


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