My Top Ten

A reflection by Hope House resident, Sara Haines

In no particular order, here are some of my memorable moments from the past 6 months at Hope House:

  1. gymMeeting some awesome individuals and learning about their passions at The Port’s Open House in May.

I met a woman who significantly reduced her need for medication to manage her mental illness through her cooking by learning about nutrition and its effect on the body. She now teaches others, especially in low-income areas, how to cook vegan on a budget.

  1. Monday night Basketball & Friday open gym

We’ve had a good crew come on Monday nights and it has been awesome to pick up the game again. I’ve gotten to pop in a few times, and play some, with the guys on Friday too.

  1. Morning runs around the neighborhood

I remember feeling more at home going for a my fist run here after I moved in. Swap-O-Rama before the action begins, food stands opening up for business on street corners, nooks and crannies of buildings that I otherwise don’t notice, hidden gardens in people’s yards…these are just some of the treasures.

  1. Going to Holy Thursday mass with a service immersion group

Traditionally on this night, the priest washes the feet of the congregation the way Jesus washed the feet of the apostles to teach them about humility and service. I had just moved in and this resonated deeply with me.

  1. Sunsets from the rooftop

A great way to unwind after work and just enjoy the clouds. I’ve also found respite from concrete at McKinley Park when I just needed more green.

  1. Deep cleaning the house (unofficially dubbed “Wax and Wine”) with Kevin, Molly, and Kristen

Kevin was such a good sport, single handedly cleaning every blade of every ceiling fan. Literally. He hurt his shoulder and could only use one arm to clean. Molly and Kristen demolished all signs of dirt in the kitchen.

  1. Joining Anthony for the Bread Truck rounds

Besides running, this was another way I got acclimated to the neighborhood.

  1. Talking with the kids on the block

Some of the kiddos down the street are so affectionate and love to give hugs. I know one day in particular, I didn’t even realize that’s what I needed.

  1. Talking Dorothy Day with Molly

…at house meeting, at reflection, just because…Honest, relatable, audacious, self-sacrificing. I’m loving learning more about her and her journey to love. I’d recommend All is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day by Jim Forest.

  1. Checking out local farmer’s markets.

I made it to the Plant and the McKinley Park markets, and got some really good deals. I’m a sucker for farm fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. The Plant also had other vendors who sold handmade beeswax products in really sweet scents like chocolate orange.