We can’t do this alone!

Now that we are officially advertising for new community members to join the Hope House, we are pushed to ensure that each room is ready for future residents! Thanks to Richard, Kerry and Keila, Peer Ministers from Teen Service Week, we are two rooms closer to our goal. These three cleared out, vacuumed, dusted, swept and mopped two of our rooms in a matter of a few hours, and could not have done so more efficiently and generously.

We cannot realize the vision of the Hope House alone, and we depend on the generosity of others to partner with us on this journey.

Know of anyone who might be interested in joining our community? Direct them here!



You Transformed Us!

St. Bernadette youth ministry from Appleton, WI transformed all three of our buildings here at the Port this week! They scraped, painted, moved heavy furniture, swept, played with children, varnished, served on the bread truck, and all with a joyful spirit. We are so grateful for your work and for helping The Hope House to be one step closer to expanding our ministry! We enjoyed praying with you each morning, and living out the gospel alongside you each day.

You leave us today in gratitude for your openness and generosity!

The Plant

As we continue to forge relationships with people and organizations in our community, we have come across a true Back of the Yards gem. On Saturday, we went to The Plant to scope our their weekly community farmers market and uncovered so much more than we expected. We just happened to arrive on time to join a tour they were giving of the entire facility. The Plant is a repurposed slaughter house built in the 1920s which used to pack pork. Now, the 93,500 square foot space serves as a business incubator, a bakery, a mushroom nursery, an aquaponics facility, and is being prepared to host many other projects which support the Plant’s vision to promote sustainable food production all the while repurposing old materials found in the building for these projects. Soon, the Plant will also host a cafe and brewery. We look forward to being frequent flyers at the Plant and supporting their vision for ecologically  responsible business.