Collaboration, Books, Tacos: A typical day at the Hope House

Amazing things happen every day at the Hope House. Friday was particularly amazing. The day started out with a community meeting among three major catholic ministries that serve the Back of the Yards. We called together Su Casa Catholic Worker, which serves undocumented women and children, and Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation, who work with youth, offering alternatives to violence, and started the conversation about how we can work together as a catholic presence in our neighborhood. We agreed to meet monthly for collaboration and support.

We then met as an internal community, just those of us living at the Hope House, to talk about how we envision our life together as an intentional community. We talked about how we might put practices in to place such as weekly prayer together, as well as what our community meetings might look like. We continue to strive to let God lead us as a community and to trust in the movement of the Spirit.

Then, the books happened. We donated about forty boxes and bags of books to Open Books, practically filling the van they brought. Removing the millions of books unearthed more furniture, which we were able to finally place on Craigslist to help us fundraise for our much needed plumbing renovations, etc. Simultaneously, boys played basketball at our weekly open gym.

Tacos from La Internacional were eaten and then we headed to the Peace March with the faith community of St. Sabina. But that’s a whole other blog post….


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