Selling saints

Selling saints.

It is something we have our hands in these days. We are rich in religious statues of every size which we inherited with the house. They peer down at us from cabinets in the dining room as we eat our dinners. They peep around corners and pop out from behind basement doors. We even found Our Lady of Fatima perched on the roof! And now, they are featured on Craigslist among the many other items we are desperate to clear out of the house so we have space to welcome new community members.*

It is an odd thing, selling saints. These plastic men and women simoulaneously represent our faith and clutter our rooms because of their great number. We love them, but we cannot afford to keep them. As they disappear one by one, I think each of us laughs a little at their gawdy tones and we let out a sigh of relief. But at the same time we quietly part with them, assuring them not to worry; we will take over their main job of representing faith.

*Interested in taking some of these saints off our hands? Click here!




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