We got more than we bargained for…

After about three weeks living at the Hope House, I think Tom, Molly and I would all agree that we got more than we bargained for. Indeed, we got more than we bargained for in many ways! We got more good food than we bargained for – we enjoy amazing tacos from La Internacional Tacos Y Supermarcado more often than we probably should. RU Hungry, the burger joint on our corner, takes care of us very well too. Tom will be the first to recommend their double tilapia sandwiches. We got more good and friendly neighbors than we bargained for as well. Tom and I walk Paulie every day in the local park, and we are greeted with many smiles from adults, and kids running up wanting pet Paulie. Even our direct neighbors at the Port have been more than generous and welcoming as we work on acclamating ourselves to the house and to the organization.

…we also got more than we bargained for in terms of the work that is needed to be done on the house. Each day, we make an attack plan and work on eliminating unneeded furniture, decor, pots, pans, peeling paint, mouse remnants, bookcases and bookcases of old books, etc, etc, etc! Because our house has been inhabited by various communities, throughout many years, it has collected Stuff (with a capital S) for many years. This Stuff has stayed and has not found its way out of the house. Until now. We are facing the fact that if we want to more community members, we need to  make adequate room for them and their stuff. And so, we spend our days moving Stuff, lifting, scrubbing, clearing, painting, setting down mouse traps, vacuuming, mopping, posting photos of unwanted furniture on Craigslist, delivering the furniture, and moving more Stuff. All before we are really able to unpack our own things! Admittedly, there are a few doors that we just don’t open, and won’t, for our own sanity.

So yea. We got more than we bargained for. But we still hold out hope, because, as we have seen, God’s generosity is always more than we bargain for too.



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