A Timeline of Hope: How it all started…

November, 2014: David, Director for Development at the Port Ministries, invited Tom and I to join the Port’s Young Professional Advisory Board.

That evening, David took us on a tour of the Port after the meeting. Although we had been bringing college students to the Back of the Yards neighborhood to volunteer at the Port’s various services, we had never actually been inside the Port’s third large building that they own. David escorted us through a building full of bedrooms, a kitchen, and a small chapel. The Holy Spirit must have been jumping up and down, waving at us frantically during that tour, because she had to to get us to see beyond the dank, dishevelled, dusty appearance of the house. Her song and dance worked, though. The seed was planted. The moment Tom and I stepped outside after the tour, we looked at each other and smiled. Tom said to me, “Should I just tell David we will move in there?” And that’s just what we did that same night.

December, 2014: We started to dream…

For the next few months, together with David another friend, Molly (she’ll have to tell you how her seed of Hope was planted!), we dreamed and planned and wondered if something like this would really be a possibility: an intentional community that asks very little rent, and in return, community members would provide volunteer service to the Port.

February, 2015: our plans were approved…

May, 2015: We moved in!



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